How To Guide: What To Include In An Album-Release Press Kit

You’ve spent hours and hours dedicating yourself to your craft/recording repertoire and, likely have invested money and/or time into getting money to support your album. Now, it’s time to launch… what do you do? Do you leave this part in the hands of the record label (if you have one?)? Or can you help the success of your own album launch? I would suggest helping.

You absolutely need a well-formatted digital press kit!
Absolutely! So, let me share with you what I would include in an a well-planned kit. The timing for this kit is listed below.

  • up-to-date bio of all artists included on the disc (ideally in order of importance)
  • A concise paragraph on the story behind the disc – easy to read and quotable… in fact, include quotes from your artists in this write-up (a story makes it easier for any journalist to pick-up)
  • A variety of high resolution images (I recommend doing a photo shoot for any album release. Magazines are interested in photos that have not circulated already. Of course there are some that are interested in original photography, but those are fewer and fewer these days.)
  • The digital tracks of your album (please! Send the digital tracks of your disc in this kit. It’s important for journalists to hear the disc they are writing about in advance, and they should not have to pay for it (as they won’t)
  • press quotes that talk about the album’s leading musicians (this helps to sell yourself before the disc has been heard) – ideally these quotes are linked to the original content so they can be referred back to by the journalist
  • liner notes
  • video(s) are very important these days. Please plan this when you are planning your album. You need video content for news outlets to share since dynamic visuals are so important these days.
  • social media accounts for tagging, interaction, etc.
  • contact details for your publicist (if you have one, if not just make an email address to list as a contact for press inquiries), contact details for the record label (if you have one)

When should you have this kit ready? At least 3 months, ideally 4 months before you release. I know that seems like a long time… but planning makes for a more impressive release.

Where do you put this stuff? Use Google Drive, Dropbox, or some kind of file sharing service. Do not WeTransfer massive files to reporters (they won’t look).

Why so much time? Magazines/Podcasts/Radio/TV plan their content at least 3 months in advance, if not 6 months! If you want to be featured in a shiny magazine or radio/tv… that takes careful planning! Newspapers require less notice, but I would recommend being in touch 2 months before with the information and then following up 1 month before (in case you haven’t solidified the coverage yet). Blogs require less time too, but again, good ones plan their content in advance, so at least 6 weeks in advance!