Washington Times features soprano Layla Claire talking WNO Carmelites

The Washington Times featured Layla in their article on Washington National Opera’s upcoming Dialogues of the Carmelites (opening Feb 21, details here). Here’s a quote:

“Blanche’s predominant trait is fear, because her mother died of fear during childbirth, so she goes to the monastery to find safety,” Miss Claire explained. “Because of her emotions, she ranges to extremes, which cause the tessitura to move about a lot and jump from low to high when she is frightened.

“The ‘Deo Patri’ she sings at the very end is terrifying for me to get through because it’s so emotional. During our rehearsals, Francesca talked about the nuns’ suffering at that time and the suffering throughout the world today, which demands that we treat each other well. This is an ensemble work with deep levels we peel away like an onion. At the end of each day, we all have gone through boxes of tissues.”

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