Wallis Giunta’s Dido = “Superb” “Mesmerizing” “In Command”

The reviews are coming in for Canadian Mezzo Soprano Wallis Giunta’s Dido performance in Opera Atelier’s production of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas (runs until October 29, 2016). Here are the highlights from The Globe and Mail review:

We have been blessed with great operatic performances in Toronto this fall. Sondra Radvanovsky’s Norma. Alice Coote’s Ariodante. Well, add another one to the list, one to value just as highly. And that is Wallis Giunta’s Dido…Giunta was superb – dramatic, mesmerizing, with an expressive mezzo voice, fully in command of her character every moment she was on stage. It didn’t hurt her that Purcell wrote for her one of the great affecting moments in all of music – When I am Laid In Earth, Dido’s Lament…Giunta inhabited this music and its accompanying drama perfectly – with restraint when needed, emotion when necessary, fully in command of its musical and passionate truth. And Giunta’s performance was the highlight of a wonderfully fine and affecting Opera Atelier production of Henry Purcell’s masterpiece…The world of baroque theatrical gesturing, at its best, is at once highly artificial and completely natural and Giunta especially brought the two – artifice and nature – into perfect resonance….If Wallis Giunta’s star is the brightest in the sky of this Dido and Aeneas, it is set off by many other wondrous sights and sounds in the evening glow of this production, a tribute to a team of artists who keep pushing themselves every time they approach their art.”
-Robert Harris, Globe and Mail, full review here.

*photo credit: Bruce Zinger