Violinist Benjamin Bowman does Q&A focused on Saronic Chamber Music Festival

The Saronic Chamber Music festival runs August 4-10, 2014. Violinist Benjamin Bowman was interviewed by BarczaBlog with a focus on his involvement in the Saronic Festival. Here are some highlight quotes:

“The SCMF is a haven for chamber music. It’s a stunningly beautiful and evocative environment; a perfect place to meet and work with extraordinary musicians from around the world. This will be my third time going back (the festival is in its 4th year). When I first visited Galatas, Greece was in the heat of economic crisis. It was quiet, at least by tourism standards. Spirits were high though, and the festival, clearly nurtured by love and determination, was embraced by the local community. It is touching to see the relationships that will create the foundation of the SCMF’s future materialize and grow, along with the audience presence. The Saronic Gulf deserves a world class music festival, and the musicians who go there love to be there. We are all committed to engaging with the community, whether it means busking on the streets or meeting local shop owners, or just talking with audience members. I must say this is a rarity in the modern corporate world. The feeling of family and community keep us coming back, because there’s really no other place like it.”

“First and foremost, I LOVE the music that I play. I am grateful for its existence in the world. “

To read the full interview click here. To view a gallery of last year’s Saronic Chamber Music Festival, click here.

Following the Saronic Chamber Music Festival, Benjamin will travel to Esbjerg (Denmark) for the Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival (EICMF). The attached video is from last year’s EICMF festival – the Schubert String Quintet C Maj,D.956.Op.163 featuring Benjamin Bowman; Sini Simonen, Steven Dann,Richard Lester and Anssi Karttunen.