The Art of Time Ensemble Releases Sixth Album, Ain’t Got Long, With Livestream Chat at 1PM EST TODAY

Today, as the Art of Time Ensemble celebrates the release of their sixth album, Ain’t Got Long, they will join together in a livestream chat moderated by Canadian broadcaster and writer, Laurie Brown at 1PM EST. This free chat will be available on the Art of Time Ensemble’s Facebook and YouTube Channels.

The songs on this album come from the work Jonathan Goldsmith did for the Art of Time Ensemble series called The Songbooks: popular songs were matched with skilled arrangers and adventurous singers from the world of jazz and pop. The effect is electrifying. Arranging a song one already knows has a remarkable effect on us, the audience. We can’t passively listen to these arrangements, because we all bring our feelings and memories of the song to the table. In a meaningful way, the Art of Time Ensemble makes the listener feel that we are part of the creation process too.

In listening to Jonathan Goldsmith’s arrangements collected on Ain’t Got Long, you get the sense he is playing 3D chess with these songs we know and love. His arrangement of Robert Johnson’s Love in Vain, sung by Madeleine Peyroux is a foggy haze of sadness, mystery, confusion, that cracks open the heart. Paul Simon’s Boy in the Bubble, sung by Gregory Hoskins has a kaleidoscopic effect. Somehow Goldsmith has us seeing every aspect of the song all at once. Perhaps the most adventurous arrangement belongs to Irving Berlin’s What Will I Do, sung by Madeleine Peyroux. Goldsmith creates a moving floor here, one that Madeleine navigates like a midnight walk on a ship’s deck on rolling seas. Radiohead’s Exit Music (For a Film), is sung beautifully by Jessica Mitchell. She soars over a jet stream of strings and piano.

Additionally, The Art of Time Ensemble releases a brand new music video for the third single off the album, Paul Simon‘s The Boy in the Bubble, performed by Gregory Hoskins and directed by Toronto Film Critics Association Award-winner Bruce McDonald.

Whenever we have experimented with popular music, the challenge has always been to find that fine line between remaining faithful to the original in terms of melody and form, and pushing the boundaries as much as possible in every other conceivable way. Over the last twenty years, we have collaborated with dozens of amazing arrangers but Jonathan’s charts were always the most adventurous and nearest to my heart. I’ve been wanting to make this album for many years.

Andrew Burashko, Artistic Director of The Art of Time Ensemble

That Goldsmith has plenty of experience scoring for film is evident, for every track lives in its own world, its own musical palette. There are very few ensembles that have the depth and range of talent to take Goldsmith on. That is the Art of Time Ensemble’s genius, for it has every colour to choose from in its paintbox. Classical, jazz, new music, rock, folk, electronic: the Art of Time Ensemble draws the finest musicians from all genres to their projects. This ensemble is a musician’s dream, and a rare gift for any serious music fan.