Soprano Layla Claire profiled by Lululemon

Canadian Soprano Layla Claire, an active yogi, was profiled by Lululemon in their latest campaign. She talks about the importance of her practice in relation to her opera career.

“…when I’m on the mat, I’m able to really let go of that. I always make sure my body is warm before I start to sing because if my body is warm then singing is going to be easier – that’s the first thing that I do, I do a little bit of yoga before I even make a sound” -Layla

Layla’s story is also featured on Lululemon’s blog here.

Those who think opera and picture heavy make-up, fancy theaters, and the human condition articulated in one of its purest forms are spot on. But, as Claire explains, opera singers aren’t just artists, they’re athletes too. Like many other opera singers, in order to protect her body and vocal chords, Claire says no to running in cold weather, contact sports and anything else that could cause injury.
-Lululemon, full blog entry here.