Soprano Joyce El-Khoury discusses Maria Callas with The Stage

Canadian-Lebanese Joyce El-Khoury was asked to comment on Maria Callas in this feature by The Stage:

Violetta in Verdi’s La Traviata was a signature role for Callas. One of its leading interpreters today is the Lebanese-Canadian soprano Joyce El-Khoury. In the UK alone, she has sung the part at Welsh National Opera, Glyndebourne and the Royal Opera House, where in July she stars in a rare bel canto work that never made it into Callas’ repertoire, L’Ange de Nisida by Donizetti.
Like many sopranos, El-Khoury waxes rhapsodic about Callas. “She had the seemingly innate ability to take herself out of the equation and become a conduit for the composer’s wishes,” she says.
“Every opera singer should aspire to her way of finding the #truth in a role and fiercely and courageously presenting that truth to the public. The courage and commitment she presented in her art were indomitable. Love her or hate her, you can never ignore her. There was something bigger at work, something other-worldly and mystical.”” -The Stage, full feature here.