Soprano Jessica Muirhead featured on SCHMOPERA

Here’s a snippet:

1. What’s it like to return to a role like Pamina, which you say originally put you “on the map”?

It’s like putting on an old pair of jeans and remembering why they were always your favourite. Pamina is the role that I made my European debut with at the Vienna Volksoper and was brought back to sing many times. She has grown with me over the years and every time I pick her up, I fall in love with something new. Singing her right now I feel my voice is finally up to *all* the challenges she offers… I never felt I was able to sing her suicide scene (with the three spirits) with the depth that I always felt it needed and now finally feel like I have the technical control and depth to be able to finesse that scene like I’ve always dreamed I could. What can I say, my voice just looooves to sing Mozart. Plus, now I understand the German!

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