SCHMOPERA → Paul Appleby: Telling Stories at Wigmore Hall

American Tenor Paul Appleby is featured on Schmopera in advance of his Wigmore DEBUT, March 4! Here’s what he says about what he looks forward to most at Wigmore Hall:

Most of all I am looking forward to the acoustic. I have never been to the hall but I haven’t had a conversation with a singer who has sung there who doesn’t mention how perfect a room for singing it is. But as I think about it, more importantly than the loveliness of the space I am looking forward to participating in the community of Wigmore. Thanks to the vision, knowledge, and commitment of [Wigmore Hall director] John Gilhooly, the hall strikes me as the most dedicated spot in the world for the art of the song recital.

Wigmore’s audience is surely among the most informed and sensitive in the world, and I am so looking forward to being a part of that community.”
-Paul on Schmopera, full interview here.