Sale until Valentine’s Day on Artist Websites!

Bōwman Media wants to share the love this February, so we are offering a major sale on ARTIST WEBSITES! We are offering sites for $1200 (no tax and no additional fees). Artist websites include a HOMEPAGE, an ABOUT page, a CALENDAR page*, a GALLERY*, a VIDEO page*, a DISCOGRAPHY* and a CONTACT PAGE. Also, if you are interested in including a blog to your site, we will even set you up for that!

Our design projects are RESPONSIVE (what does that mean? it means, they work on various devices (iPads, Tablets, iPhones, Androids, Computers, etc.)! Responsive design is key today since you want your users to experience your site in the most resonant way – each device brings information to the user differently! Visit the website gallery for some examples. If you want more information, please, do no hesitate to contact Elizabeth at elizabeth(at)bowmanmedia.ca. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

*these pages are restricted in the amount of content inputed for the $1200 fee, so please, contact elizabeth(at)bowmanmedia.ca for full details on that.