Rising Star: Paul Appleby (Final Note Magazine)

photo credit: Frances Marshall

Featured in this month’s Final Note Magazine, Paul talks about life and career in this interview (accompanied by fresh pics by the talented Frances Marshall Photography), full interview here. Here’s a snippet with Paul talking about his love/process of programming repertoire for recitals:


“First and foremost, I start with songs I love. I try to constantly listen to new repertoire — not expecting that most of it will speak to me — hoping to find new songs that I think are great. Once I have a handful of songs that I love and that I feel I can do justice to as a singer, I begin to look for connections between the pile of songs I’m into, and explore whether or not they complement each other in a recital program. I consider myself a serious student of the lied tradition, and always lean toward engaging the canon of 19th-century song repertoire. But, I am also compelled to illustrate my belief that a good song is a good song no matter where or when it comes from. So, I often attempt to find a compelling and justifiable way to pair Schubert with, for example, contemporary American art song.”