OperaWire features Mezzo Rihab Chaieb

Ahead of her company and role debut with Opera Philadelphia, Rihab Chaieb did an interview with OperaWire. Here’s a snippet:

I think new music is very exciting. Not only do I get to work on a blank canvas, but I also get to put my stamp on a role that has never been done before. And because the opera hasn’t been done before, we get to experiment so much vocally and dramatically to not only fit David’s wish, but also ours. We are shaping the opera to make it our own, which is incredibly thrilling. For example, if I personally think there should be a diminuendo here or a forte there, there is a conversation to be had with David. Unfortunately, I can’t have a dialogue with Mozart or Handel!” -Rihab Chaieb, full interview here.

*photo: Fay Fox