Opera Lyra Ottawa: The audience falls in love with Wallis Giunta’s Cherubino

Photo credit: Andrew Alexander

“Cherubino (the marvelous Wallis Giunta) was vocally neither too bright nor too dark, with a luminous timbre and ease of Mozartian style. A lively, adolescent Cherubino…Wallis Giunta traverses this “crazy day” like a shooting star!”
translated from French, La Presse, full review.

“Sung beautifully, full of laughs, and featuring a stand-out performance from an Ottawa native…on opening night, Wallis Giunta as the lustful and romantic youth Cherubino unquestionably stole the show. Hailing from our nation’s capital, Giunta performs her character (classically cast en travesti) with relish. The way she reacts to the scenes and to the performers around her gives her such a unique presence that it becomes difficult not to watch her whenever she is on stage. She is funny, heart-warming, and more importantly, she makes you believe the conflictual emotions (and hormones) found within a youth coming into adulthood.”
New Ottawa Critics, full review.

“It’s striking how Wallis Giunta, the face of McCaffrey Haute Couture, can strip the bridal gowns, put on a suit and convincingly play randy pageboy Cherubino chasing after the ladies.”
MetroNews, full review.

“The other key role in the opera is Wallis Giunta’s Cherubino. We’d already seen her remarkable trouser performance in La Clemenza di Tito of a few years ago when she channelled Michael Cera. This was entirely different, sung with great authority & confidence, while played with a physical flamboyance that made her every appearance an occasion for laughs, the one you couldn’t help watching.”
BarczaBlog, full review.

“The audience falls in love with Wallis Giunta’s Cherubino. She truly embodies a young boy whose hormones are in their prime, and wisdom still far away…Giunta is a good singer and even better actress. She introduces funny components by blending movement, body language, and facial expression into an extreme, but likewise believable character- something that is very demanding, especially in comedy, where it is so easy to slip into farce.”
Capital Critics Circle, full review.

Thank you, Sylvie, for your very high praise! This is why I do what I do!

Posted by Wallis Giunta, mezzo soprano on Thursday, March 26, 2015

“Wallis Giunta plays the gangly teen boy, Cherubino to hilarious effect. Her aria in act two, “Voi che sapete” had audiences applauding before her last note rang out.”
Apt613, full review.

“Special mention goes to Wallis Giunta. The part of Cherubino is a pastiche: for both comic effect and clarity, the inner workings of the notoriously uncommunicative adolescent brain have to be brought out for us all to see, and that’s what we saw and enjoyed in this production.

Judging by the applause at the curtain calls, most the audience felt the same.”
Ottawa Citizen Letter, full review.

*Photo credit: Andrew Alexander