Opera Canada: Finding the Balance

photo credit: Falk von Traubenberg

Soprano Layla Claire contributes to Opera Canada’s important feature on parenthood in the opera business. Here’s a peek:

“”Claire and John Chest have an attitude that particularly stands out. When one of them has a gig, the family comes along—not to follow the working parent—but because it’s the whole family that’s working. “It’s, ‘we’re going to do Così,'” says Claire. “You have to look at each gig like that, as a family.” It’s an approach that underlines the support Claire and Chest have for each other’s careers, and wards off any inklings of professional competition.

“It is possible to do it and have a happy marriage, ” Claire says, confidently.”You can’t be competitive with each other, that’s for sure.””

Opera Canada, September 2019

Also featured in this piece are Richard Margison and Valerie Kuinka, as well as, Nicole Car and Etienne Dupuis.

You can purchase the issue here.