National Post: Rosemarie Umetsu Day 3

Leading up to the Amici Chamber Ensemble’s FASHIONISTA concert January 29, Rosemarie Umetsu is writing a five day diary in the National Post Arts section. Here’s day 3! Details on Fashionista at amiciensemble.com.

I tend to travel to NYC only for business these days. However, I’ve worked hard at establishing an extremely blurry line between business and pleasure, to successfully claim its nonexistence. That said, I rarely visit NYC without chilling with my reptilian client – Baby Cain. The celebrity iguana belonging to violinist Lara St.John. Not only has Baby Cain been written about by Alex Ross, but he’s the ONLY iguana who’s commissioned me to design him a bespoke tuxedo. Stating, he didn’t want to be fashion outed by Lara’s Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu gowns. Anyway, tonight we’re out celebrating Lara’s new ‘Bach Sonatas’ (violin/harp) CD produced on Lara’s own label Ancalagon. It’s been released on iTunes, but the disc will be launched Feb/14. Lara is a featured guest performing at FASHIONISTA – Jan/29th. Unfortunately, Baby Cain is still in contract negotiations with the Amici Ensemble so we can’t confirm his appearance at this time.