National Post: Ashleigh Semkiw Day 1

Ashleigh Semkiw performs holiday classics, opera and pop songs with Michael Ciufo on Dec. 12 at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. She’s doing a diary entry everyday this week! Here’s Day 1. Original Post Here.

As a young girl, Saturdays were often spent with my dad, running errands, listening to his favourite music. With such a rich education — David Byrne, Marvin Gaye, Annie Lennox, etc. — it was no surprise to him that I fell in love with jazz in university. Miles Davis was the gateway drug. I could not listen or learn enough about America’s greatest art form. The first time I heard Art Blakey play drums — a live recording of Night in Tunisia — I was captivated. Blakey’s playing was unlike anything I’d ever heard before. “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life,” Blakey said. And a lifelong jazz addict was born.