May reviews for soprano Layla Claire: Anne Trulove + Blanche

“Layla Claire’s Blanche de La Force, perhaps the finest embodiment of this elusive character I’ve seen and heard in my four decades of Dialogues…Claire, in her shimmering, pellucid light-lyric soprano, her pale elegance and balletic physical grace, kept reminding me of Duval without seeming in any way a copy. She limned Blanche’s progress from a timid whisper of a girl toward a woman resolutely embracing her “easy death” with exceptional persuasion.” –Opera Canada, May 2015

“The soprano Layla Claire was sweet-toned and nimble as Anne Trulove, growing in both vocal stature and pathos throughout the evening. Her aria “No Word from Tom” showcased the kaleidoscopic colors of her top notes.” –New York Times, May 2015, full review.

“As Anne, Layla Claire was radiant as she apostrophized the night and the moon in her ‘No word from Tom’, ending with a sustained high C, and she was sweet and caring the ‘Gently, little boat’ lullaby to Tom in Bedlam” –Classical Source, May 2015, full review.

“Soprano Layla Claire conveys the purity of Anne’s character and also sings angelically.” –Epoch Times, May 2015, full review.

“Claire was powerfully moving as she sang “Gently, little boat” to Tom in the asylum” –New York Classical Review, May 2015, full review.

“At the end of her act one aria, Claire hit a ringing high C, upon her decision to pursue the wayward Tom.” –The Guardian, May 2015, full review.

“Layla Claire applied her sweet soprano and poignant persona happily to the hapless duties of Anne Trulove.” –Financial Times, May 2015, full review.

*photo credit: Scott Suchman