Hamilton Spec on Andrew Burashko’s Art of Time

Andrew Burashko, Artistic Director of the Art of Time Ensemble, is featured in The Hamilton Spectator today talking about 20 years of Art of Time and their upcoming Glenn Gould concert (FEB 3, 4pm) at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Here are a couple of highlights of Burashko’s words:

“I grew up listening or being very passionate about pop, jazz, all kinds of stuff. And so, the way I decided to go about it was to create shows that included classical music, but also included other styles of music or other disciplines, theatre, dance. Classical music, though it was the starting point, is not the only component of what we do….Authenticity is everything to me. I guess the overarching principle is that there’s only good music and bad music, and I’m just trying to expose people to new things. I believed always, and still do, that music is music, no matter what kind, and it has the potential to speak to anyone provided it’s the right environment.”

*pic: Tony Hauser