Final Note Magazine: Mezzo Wallis Giunta

Final Note Magazine featured Wallis Giunta in their August issue. Here’s a snippet:

“I want to make sure I am always on the upward path, striving, growing, challenging myself. Never coasting on my past successes, or assuming I have “made it”. I just have no time for that. The ideal would be surrounding myself with the most inspiring colleagues, and making music at the highest level I can. So in a practical sense, I hope to be able to work at the top level of the classical musical world. But not for reasons of fame and fortune. I would like to truly make an impact in this art form, and inspire others to have music in their lives, in whatever way is meaningful to them.

Music really can change people in a major way, for the better, and for good. If I can die knowing that I was constantly learning and improving throughout my career, and raising the vibration on this planet, that will be a dream come true.”
Full interview here.