“Daniel Cabena is a wonderfully thoughtful artist” -SCHMOPERA interview

Daniel is getting set to perform in Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble’s Air India [redacted] November 6-11, 2015. He chatted with SCHMOPERA about this experience. Click here for the full interview. Here’s a snippet:

I think it is significant that the principal narrative voice has been written for a countertenor. Jürgen Simpson, the composer, could certainly speak more fully to that point; but I’ll take the liberty of making at least a couple of observations. For one, I think the lines that I sing in an objective mode, the ones that speak directly to the audience, commenting on the action, have a real authority. And it strikes me as uniquely affecting to have such morally important moments curated in the more ambiguous, less traditionally authoritative tone of a countertenor. Maybe this softens the edges of the thing; or maybe it sharpens them: I’m not sure. But it’s strong and touching.