Countertenor Daniel Cabena answers 10 Questions for BarczaBlog

Canadian countertenor Daniel Cabena is highly regarded in both Canada and Europe for prize-winning performances ranging from baroque to contemporary repertoire, described as “very classy, with his freely flowing slender, well-sustained alto voice”. He shares so much in these answers – from personal to professional. Here’s a little snippet:

“I love live performances on the radio. I love radio documentaries and interviews, and I suppose that what I listen to most are those sorts of things. Garrison Keillor’s broadcasts are among my favourites; and I also like programs like “This American Life.” But I simply adore ‘my’ CBC programs – ” Writers in Company,” “Ideas,” “The House”…. I also really love what public radio stands for; and I’m fascinated and inspired by its history. I wish we were, in Canada, more protective of that tradition and more imaginative about all that it can and could be. And I can’t help but be upset by what’s becoming of CBC2, both in terms of its gradual commercialization and in terms of its programming.”