COC’s La Traviata: Joyce El-Khoury (Violetta) & James Westman (Germont) Reviews + Twitter Buzz


“Her instrument a youthful lirico-spinto, with a kaleidoscope of tone colours, from the ethereal, Montserrat Caballé-like pianissimi to full-throat forte, not to mention an exceptionally long breath-line. Her exquisite pianissimo high A at the end of “Addio del passato” was held longer than anyone I’ve heard, and the tempo was slow! El-Khoury fully embodies the role, with lots of nuances in her characterization – playfulness, womanly warmth, fierce passion, defiance, dignity, pathos, and finally resignation that fits so well with the ultimate tragic end. It was a performance to honour and enjoy.” -Joseph So, Musical Toronto, full review here.

“Joyce El-Khoury is the most beautiful Violetta I’ve ever seen to grace a stage”
-BarczaBlog.com, full review here.


“His baritone has matured with time, grown stronger but keeping its warmth and its Italianate timbre. His top register, always its glory remains clarion and undiminished. This production opens all the cuts, which allows Westman to sing the optional high notes in his scene with Alfredo in Act 2. The father-son encounter found both singers in top form, and it was a highlight of the evening.” -Joseph So, Musical Toronto, full review here.

“…the flawless baritone of James Westman. His suavely sung interpretation sits on the fence between being the main obstruction in the plot and being hugely sympathetic & likeable.”
-BarczaBlog.com, full review here.