Ciompi Quartet featured in Duke Magazine

Alex Boerner

Ciompi in Duke Alumni Magazine ➡️
“Start with scales. You’re playing the cello, and you want to get used to new players, so you go back to the beginning. And you play scales. “Scales are something you do your entire life,” says Ciompi Quartet violist Jonathan Bagg. “So it’s kind of like calisthenics. But we weren’t in the habit of doing that as a quartet before Carrie came.” That would be Caroline Stinson, who in 2018 suceeded the retired Frederic Raimi and became the first new member of the Ciompi since 1995. And being the new member of an established group—the Ciompi is both Duke’s in-residence performing group and a teaching resource—doesn’t mean sitting quietly and learning to fit in. In fact, quite the opposite: It means everybody has to rethink everything.” full feature here.