About Us


Elizabeth Bowman, Owner/Founder - photo credit: David Gault

Elizabeth Bowman, Owner/Founder


Bōwman Media is a full service boutique communications firm with a special focus on the arts.  The company provides services in the following areas: public relations, design, branding, marketing and social media strategy.   Bōwman Media helps individuals and arts organizations establish and/or strengthen their brand.  The organization has a deep understanding of the arts and is, therefore, effective in communicating the product with media.  With backgrounds in the performing arts, the product knowledge from both an artistic standpoint and a business standpoint is invaluable in both understanding the needs of our clients, and also in finding unique angles that work well with modern media.


Our company activities include the following:
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  • arranging local and international media coverage (ie. interviews and appearances)
  • identifies key figures to strengthen brand (for organizations)
  • identifies positive collaborative relationships
  • identifies key messaging to best suit the current media trends
  • implements an effective social media strategy
  • identifies and implements brand consistency
  • creates and coordinates special events
  • HD promotional videos for YouTube & other social media platforms
  • designs websites or consults on website designs to maximize brand potential